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Information about TEAL mobile sinks and basins and portable hand wash stations.

Hand washing world record for Glasgow children

21 schools learn the importance of hand hygiene An important lesson for children across Glasgow [...]

Hand washing is “A powerful antidote to illness” for children

Effective disease prevention advice for children – everywhere! “How many times have you and your [...]

Infection control – “Good hand hygiene vital”

Isle of Man hand washing campaign has been launched The Department of Health and Social [...]

Hand washing not gels for children on farm visits

Why hand gels aren’t suitable for dirty hands Many children across the UK enjoy the [...]

Southern Africa – mobile clinics feature portable sinks

Effective hand hygiene on the move with TEALwash Hand washing is a priority in Southern [...]

Hand washing with soap is “superior method of removing microbes”

Limited role for hand sanitisers The importance of effective hand hygiene is top of the list of 5 [...]

Farm visits – why hand washing for children is crucial

Mobile sinks provide effective on-site hand washing for kids Recommendations to reduce disease transmission from animals in [...]

Construction site hand washing – mobile sinks are invaluable

Biological hazards require “adequate welfare and washing facilities” say HSE The Health and Safety Executive [...]