Portable hand wash units are “the future for mobile food operators”

Hot water hand washing for mobile caterers

Food-borne illnesses are on the rise in the EU

E.coli is up by 5.9 per cent and listeria 8.6 per cent according to the European Food Safety Authority  as reported in a recent article “Protecting customers from food borne illnesses” on the StreetZine website.

Hand washing is a legal requirement – the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health is quoted as follows:-

“…where high risk foods are handled and prepared, alcohol based hand sanitisers must only be used as a supplement to a fully equipped hand wash basin in food outlets.”

The Institute, says the report, also emphasises that mobile food suppliers should not trade unless they have effective hand wash facilities available. Mobile catering providers often have physical problems with the availability of “plumbed in” facilities – which is why portable hand wash units are so important in these situations. And, significantly, the quality of the hand wash provided can be better than that from a more permanent facility.

StreetZine has a warning for caterers working with high risk foods such as raw meat, where

“…washing hands in hot running water with soap is the only solution.”

About StreetZine: the team at streetfoodnews.co.uk are a leading news platform for the street food and mobile catering industry.

Hand washing for all mobile caterers – and their customers!

Visible portable sinks can be positioned right where catering staff need them most.

Ideal for all catering related businesses such as Street Food suppliers, retailers, farmers’ markets and kiosks, outside catering, fast food outlets, ice cream vendors, coffee kiosks, sandwich bars and all other forms of mobile catering.

TEAL hand wash units are also perfect for customers who use your facilities!