Hand washing is a high priority when cooking a BBQ, advises GP

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Why there is an increased risk of food poisoning during the summer months

Higher temperatures and an inevitable increase in the number of people cooking out of doors – often with barbecues – can combine to increase the risks of food poisoning over the summer months. This is why paying close attention to hand hygiene requirements is so important, according to a recent report on the Wales Online website

The article, by Neil Shaw, observes that there have been a “surge in cases” of food poisoning and related cases in an advisory piece that coincided with the recent observed National BBQ Week.

A Senior Clinical Advisor at The Independent Pharmacy provides good advice, explaining why the risks are on the increase – and what to do in order to minimise them.

Dr Donald Grant said encouragingly that “maintaining good hygiene levels and storing food properly can help avoid the illness altogether.”

Wash hands – with soap and water

Dr Grant advocated vigorous hand hygiene practices to be observed at all times when preparing and cooking food, whilst at the same time ensuring that food cross-contamination is avoided.

“To avoid food poisoning, wash hands thoroughly before and after handling food, particularly raw meat and ensure food has been refrigerated or stored properly before consuming.”

The National BBQ Week website itself advises as its first safety tip

“…wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food, after touching raw meat and before serving and eating.”

Similarly, the Food Standards Agency in its BBQ food safety guidance, warns that food poisoning from barbecues can be “very serious”, naming potential culprits as being E. coli, listeria, salmonella and campylobacter. Again, any outdoor chefs shouldn’t be relying on an alcohol gel for effective hand hygiene, but rather the more “traditional” method.

“…washing hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before food preparation and after cooking and eating – this is particularly important if you’ve been handling raw meat, BBQ firelighters and charcoals.”

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