Mobile sinks for hand washing

Teal has specialised in designing and developing mobile and portable hot water sinks and basins since 1959 by providing exactly the right facilities where mains fresh water and drainage are non-existent.

We enable customers to have a highly effective and hygienic hot water hand wash under hot running water no matter where they are.

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Gold standard for hand washingTeal’s success springs from the highly developed skills and experience of Teal engineers to meet customers’ needs from an innovative product range of mobile sinks. Currently Teal produces over 12,000 units per annum for every type of application. The unique Teal design and development facility means the introduction of new and innovative products for ever widening user requirements.

Teal’s production facility is situated in the heart of England, with international air, road and rail links close at hand.

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2 year warranty

We provide a two year guarantee (return to factory) in respect of our handwash systems. You must pay the cost of return. We will pay the carriage for the goods to be returned to you in the event that they are genuinely faulty and have not been damaged through misuse.

Environmentally friendly

You can obtain a full and hygienic hot hand wash in just a wine glass full of water! With all Teal mobile sinks there is a huge ‘invisible’ bonus of energy saving. On average Teal units use less than 1/4 of the water needed for conventional hand washing and energy consumption is down to 1/6th!

Contact Teal for further information

For information on any Teal hot water hand washing mobile sinks, please contact our hotline on:-

44 (0) 121 770 0593 or fax 44 (0) 121 770 0385.


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