Mobile handwash stations for care homes and home care

Crucial for infection control in a care home environment

Teal mobile handwash stations can be placed exactly where they are needed – with no plumbing required.

They can provide care environments with high quality, hygienic hot water hand washing facilities, to support areas of the building without plumbing or if the mains water supply is suspended for maintenance or refurbishment.

The units can provide back-up support for existing hand washing facilities, can be used in rest areas for residents or in reception hallways for visitors and staff. 

The mobile handwash stations are easy to use and as they can be placed at point of need are ideal for residents, who may have restricted mobility, allowing them to have access to warm water in their own rooms.

They are totally flexible being highly portable, powered by a normal 13-amp socket, so they can be set up quickly and have a water supply and waste within the unit.

Teal’s care home hand wash units include the HandSpa as well as the mobile CliniWashHygienius and Super Stallette.

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The Teal HandSpa portable hand wash unit for beauty businenesses

The HandSpa

The HandSpa will need no mains water service or drainage connections.

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The Teal Hygienius portable hand wash unit for the beauty industry

The Hygienius

Highly portable and needing no plumbing, it requires only a 13 amp power socket for operation.

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The Teal CliniWash is a highly mobile handwash unit


Highly mobile – smooth running lockable castors enable speedy deployment.

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Teal Super Stallette portable hand wash unit for the beauty industry

Super Stallette

Portable and practical. Hot water hand washing facilities wherever they are needed.

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The Teal CliniWash mobile handwash unit for care homes

All Teal 230V portable hand wash units have passed the relevant EMC testing procedure.

Download the EMC test report »      EC Declaration of Conformity (PDF document) »

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