An introduction to Teal mobile hand washing units.

Teal mobile hand washing units: introductory videos

HandSpa hand washing units

Effective hand hygiene wherever it’s required. The HandSpa needs no mains water service or drainage connections.

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Hygienius mobile hand washing units

The automatic sensor starts a ten second flow of hot water – which is heated to the optimum temperature of 38-40ºC.

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ProWash mobile handwash stations

The wash is initiated by the automatic sensor when hands are placed in the bowl, resulting in a low pressure fully hygienic spray wash.

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BigSynk mobile handwash stations

The Teal BigSynk is big enough to wash hands, arms, food and the dishes – all at the same time! The clean water container holds 20 litres of fresh water.

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NEW! WashStand Xtra mobile handwash units

Highly mobile foot pump operated hand washing – wherever it’s needed! The rugged handle and wheels make the WashStand Xtra easy and quick to deploy.

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Mediwash mobile hand wash units

Mobile hand wash units for effective hospital infection control. How the video screen encourages effective hand washing.

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CliniWash mobile hand wash units

The automatic sensor starts a wash and rinse cycle which results in a highly efficient use of water.

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TealWash sinks for motor vehicles

Wherever your motor vehicle goes, your hot water hand washing facilities can go too!  It comes in 12 and 24 volt versions. 

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The Super Stallette mobile handwash unit

Portable, practical and cost-effective. It’s ideal for providing cutting edge hot water hand washing facilities wherever they are needed.

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Handeman Xtra Portable hand wash units

Our most portable unit ever! Perfect when a hot water hand wash is a requirement and there is no power supply or plumbing.

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The KiddiSynk children’s handwash unit

Robust and easy to clean, the KiddiSynk has been especially designed with smaller hands in mind – and it’s so easy to use!

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The KiddiWash Xtra children’s handwash unit

Ideal for preschool and nurseries. Designed specifically for the smallest hands, the KiddiWash Xtra is the ideal solution anywhere an effective warm water hand wash is required.

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How to wash your hands

Best hand washing techniques

Instructions showing how to wash hands properly. This animation is displayed on the video screen of Teal’s MediWash portable hand washing station.

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Teaching hand washing to children

It’s the most important lesson a child can learn! Kiddiwash range of mobile hand wash units are perfect for smaller hands.

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