Medical handwash station hygiene standards

Teal mobile handwash stations for medical facilities

Ensuring that all possible hygiene standards are being upheld

How an effective decontamination procedure was developed by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory in Birmingham

The assessment of a decontamination procedure for the “MediWash”* handwashing unit.

*The prototype name of the unit being tested was the “Stop ‘n Wash”.

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Assessment of a decontamination procedure for the “Hygenius”* handwashing unit.

*These procedures apply equally to the “Hygienius ProWash”.

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Teal units do not have an U Bend holding dirty water

Legionella risk designed out

All Teal mobile handwash stations operate by using instant hot water heating, which prevents the formation of Legionella bacteria, which flourish in warm water in a tank or pipework.

When the touch free, infra red beam is broken, cold water is pumped to the heater tank, heated up to 40°C using a 2KW heater for 6 seconds and then dispensed, which eliminates any potential bacterial growth.

Teal Mediwash unit allows easy egress of waste water

Basin shape

The basin is designed so that the dirty water exit area is situated at the lowest point of the basin, thus ensuring the dirty water is unable to cause contamination.

The waste water exit is positioned at the furthest possible point away from the tap head to further ensure no mixing of fresh and dirty water.

Fully compliant mobile handwash stations

Fully compliant units

Teal has taken on board all available directives on basin design, and wherever possible enhanced them, ever since their production of medical units began in 2004. There are however no current British or European standards for mobile handwash stations.

Teal mobile handwash stations do not have a U bend which can contain dirty water

Waste water pipe

Unlike fixed plumbing installations, Teal mobile handwash stations do not have a U bend which can contain dirty water. All the dirty water is discharged directly to the waste water tank, thus ensuring that no dirty water cross contamination can occur.

Product information sheets

Download PDF documents for Teal’s medical range of mobile handwash stations.

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Teal MediWash portable handwash station for medical units

The MediWash

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The Teal Hygienius portable hand wash unit for the beauty industry

The Hygienius

Highly portable and needing no plumbing, it requires only a 13 amp power socket for operation.

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The Teal CliniWash is a highly mobile handwash unit


Highly mobile – smooth running lockable castors enable speedy deployment.

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