Mobile handwash stations for medical and healthcare environments

The assessment of a decontamination procedure for the “MediWash”* handwashing unit.

*The prototype name of the unit being tested was the “Stop ‘n Wash”.

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Assessment of a decontamination procedure for the “Hygenius”* handwashing unit.

*These procedures apply equally to the “Hygienius ProWash”.

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Essential infection prevention mobile handwash stations

Hand washing saves lives!

Teal’s groundbreaking range of portable sinks enable healthcare professionals and patients to access a high quality hot water hand wash wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Soap and water hand washing is essential in healthcare environments. Many infectious disease outbreaks can only be controlled in this way.

The NHS advises“Use liquid soap and warm water to wash all surfaces of the hands, rinse under running water and dry thoroughly. Alcohol hand gel is not effective against norovirus.”

Teal’s range of mobile handwash stations for medical facilities are available to purchase and are essential during norovirus or C. difficile outbreaks – or when scheduled maintenance work takes other hand washing facilities out of use temporarily.

Product information sheets

Download PDF documents for Teal’s medical range of mobile handwash stations.

Purchase Teal mobile medical handwash stations

Teal MediWash portable handwash station for medical units

The MediWash

Portable and robust. Features synchronised hand washing instruction screen.

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The Teal Hygienius portable hand wash unit for the beauty industry

The Hygienius

Highly portable and needing no plumbing, it requires only a 13 amp power socket for operation.

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The Teal CliniWash is a highly mobile handwash unit


Highly mobile – smooth running lockable castors enable speedy deployment.

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BigSynk portable handwash station for medical facilities

The Big Synk

Designed to move and relocate; easily carried straight to where hand washing is needed.

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Teal Super Stallette portable hand wash unit for the beauty industry

Super Stallette

Portable and practical. Hot water hand washing facilities wherever they are needed.

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Task Force mobile hand wash hire for medical facilities

The Teal Task Force

The Teal Task Force is a unique fast response service to deliver high quality hot water hand washing facilities on a next working day basis.

Fast delivery and setup – every Hygienius MediWash mobile handwash stations is sited and set up by trained Teal Task Force staff. Each unit is delivered complete with a generous supply of liquid soap and paper towels.

Barrier nursing – it is no longer a problem when a patient need to be isolated and no single room with hand wash facilities is available.More about Teal Task Force »

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