Mobile hand washing units in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Hand washing where it’s needed

Vanshop provides a range of TEAL vehicle mounted and free standing hand wash stations for every type of hand washing requirement throughout Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The Handeman Xtra

The most portable hot water wash unit ever – featuring a number of different versions, ensuring that you can wash your hands wherever you are!

All Handeman Xtra portable sinks have the unique ‘Waste-safe’ that retains all the dirty water without the need for separate waste pipe or waste water storage container.

The range includes the Handeman Xtra for motor vehicles – the 12 and 24 volt voltage sensing and 12 volt non sensing version, plus a 12 volt low wattage version: a mains supply version; and the Handeman Xtra insulated which can be used absolutely anywhere.

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The Kiddiwash

Portable, robust and easy to clean, KiddiWash Xtra portable sinks are the perfect warm water hand washing unit for smaller hands – and is ideal for preschool and nursery situations.

An effective and fun hand wash can be provided anywhere with this versatile unit. It’s entirely self-contained: just fill it with warm water and the KiddiWash Xtra will keep it warm for hours.

The flat base enables it to be positioned on any stable level surface – both indoors and out! So its always at just the right height for little ones to wash their hands.

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