Mobile hand washing stations from Teal

Hand washing where it’s needed

Mobile handwash station specialists since 1959.
Teal produces a comprehensive range of mobile sinks for every type of hand washing requirement. Vehicle mounted, wall mounted, mains powered and free standing hand wash stations.

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Mobile handwash stations by Teal

The Teal range of mobile sinks need surprisingly little water and includes the:-

MediWash, HygieniusProWash, BigSynk, CliniWash, Super Stallette, WashStand XtraTEALwashHandeman XtraCompact Classic, KiddiSynk and KiddiWash Xtra.

How an effective decontamination procedure was developed by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory in Birmingham.  More information »

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More than 65 years of providing mobile hand wash solutions

Teal celebrating 65 years

Teal has specialised in designing and developing mobile hot water sinks and basins since 1959 by providing exactly the right facilities where mains fresh water and drainage are non-existent.

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Hand washing at the point of need

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