Teal units deliver an effective hand wash with a minimum of water

Efficient water use is a focus for Teal

Teal specialises in designing and developing highly portable hot water hand wash units – helping customers around the world by providing effective facilities where mains fresh water and drainage are non-existent.

A main focus for Teal has always been the conservation of precious water – using enough to deliver a high quality hand wash without waste.

This is a crucial benefit of ALL Teal units, particularly in areas such as Southern Africa, the Iberian Peninsula and Australia.

Example: Teal Teal Hygienius

This innovative unit is highly portable, needs no plumbing and requires only a 13 amp power socket for operation. The automatic sensor starts a ten second flow of hot water when hands are placed within range.

This delivers the perfect amount of water for a high quality hand wash – without any of it being wasted.

The facts speak for themselves…
The Hygienius uses only a quarter of the water for a ten second wash when compared to the most efficient alternative method.

Water usage for 50 ten second washes


Water flow bar chart for the Teal Hygienius portable hand wash unit

Lower energy use

Teal mobile sinks with built in water heaters use less than 20% of the energy needed for any other type of system, with the water being heated to a comfortable temperature of 40-45º C.

No heat is wasted by having to mix hot and cold water – and there is no heat loss from storage tanks, pipework, taps or fittings.

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