Specialist mobile hand washing units for the workplace

Effective hand hygiene for staff in all businesses 

Soap and water hand washing the best and most effective way of keeping germs at bay in the office, warehouse, workshop or distribution facility.

Soap and water hand washing facilities in the workplace provide more effective infection control than any type of gel – and they don’t contribute to the rapidly increasing development of superbugs, unlike sanitisers.

Hand washing facilities in the wrong place?

There is of course no need for this to be the case – instead of relying on sanitisers, which are very much the inferior hand hygiene option compared to soap and water washing, it would make a great deal of sense for facilities managers to simply install mobile hand wash units at the point of need – or put another way, where they will provide the greatest benefit…

Teal produces a comprehensive range of mobile sinks and portable basins for every type of hand washing situation for use by anyone who needs to wash their hands effectively.

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The Teal CliniWash is a highly mobile handwash unit

The CliniWash

Highly mobile – smooth running lockable castors enable speedy deployment.

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The Teal HandSpa portable hand wash unit for beauty businenesses

The HandSpa

The HandSpa will need no mains water service or drainage connections.

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Teal Super Stallette portable hand wash unit for the beauty industry

The Super Stallette

Portable, rugged and practical. Hot water hand washing in the workshop or warehouse.

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The WashStand Xtra

Highly mobile foot pump operated hand washing – wherever it’s needed!

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