TEAL Task Force hand hygiene service

We’re sorry, but hand wash units will not be available for hire for the foreseeable future. 

TEAL Task Force: hand wash hire for medical facilities

The TEAL Task Force is a unique fast response service to deliver high quality hot water hand washing facilities on a next working day basis.

Fast delivery and setup – every Hygienius MediWash is sited and set up by trained TEAL Task Force staff. Each unit is delivered complete with a generous supply of liquid soap and paper towels.

Why TEAL Task Force units are ideal for medical situations.

  • Ideal for infection outbreaks
  • Perfect during plumbing failures or during building works
  • Fully automatic and highly portable – the Hygienius MediWash needs only a 13 amp socket outlet
  • Suitable for visitors and staff alike – the synchronised video display guides the user through the seven hand rubbing actions as recommended by the NHS
  • A simple daily disinfection procedure means no bio film, making it legionella and pseudomonas safe
  • Please note: the TEAL Task Force service is only applicable with Hygienius MediWash mobile sinks.
  • All TEAL medical hand washing units are available to hire.

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During norovirus outbreaks, standard procedures include restricting access to patient and creating a boundary between open and closed areas.

The provision of hand washing facilities at this boundary is recommended.

Mobile units are a very effective solution in these circumstances.

Barrier nursing

When a patient need to be isolated and no single room with hand wash facilities is available, is not a problem.

A Hygienius MediWash portable sink can be used in rooms which previously weren’t designated as clinical areas.

A phlebotomy can take place, for example, in an area that was previously an office.