The new Teal HandSpa mobile sink for the beauty industry

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Many beauty professionals have already expressed a firm interest in Teal’s new salon hand wash station, requesting that we let them know when the product will be available for purchase.

Simply email your details from the Feedback form on the Contact page, adding “Let me know about the HandSpa” in the “Your enquiry” field.

Announcing the new HandSpa by Teal at £850 +VAT

Effective hand hygiene for the beauty industry, delivering superb hand washing – at the point of need.

The HandSpa need no mains water service or drainage connections: the automatic sensor delivers a hygienic hand wash without having to touch a tap or button.

Using tried and tested automatic sensor technology, the HandSpa is fully automatic with nothing to reset and nothing to adjust.

Professionals in the beauty industry need to maintain a reputation for high standards and excellence in hygiene.

This is why it’s important that they have constant access to hand washing facilities.

The Teal HandSpa portable sink will be available soon

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The unique features of the HandSpa

  • Hands free operation under warm running water
  • The water always at the optimum temperature of 40° – 43°C
  • Easy to locate – the HandSpa can be plugged in to any convenient 13 amp socket
  • Nothing to reset or adjust
  • The HandSpa provides up to 50 ten second hot washes per filling
  • The unit comes complete with an easy to use water container
  • Simple daily hygiene routine.
Close up of the Teal HandSpa hand wash unit for the beauty sector
Close up of the Teal HandSpa hand wash unit for the beauty sector