Street food – working on “the other side of the counter”

Street food is on the rise in the UK

London scene now an “explosion of events”

Street food in the UK is taking off at a phenomenal rate. In London for example, there is now an “explosion of events” according to a recent report on the Telegraph website.

The article, by Gareth May, is particularly interesting in that the author looks at street food provision from a different perspective, by working on the other side of the counter in an effort to discover the pitfalls, difficulties and advantages of becoming a high quality mobile caterer.

The article centres on Dalston Yard on a Friday evening and in particular the Yum Bun outlet, founded by Lisa Meyer. Mr May describes the changes that she has observed since starting out in 2010.

“…she’s watched the street food scene go from a rare treat on a Saturday afternoon at the market to an explosion of events taking place all over the capital each and every day of the week.”

After a frantic evening of hard work, Gareth wryly observed “At the end of the evening I return to thank Meyer and co and this is what I’ll take most from the evening: the comraderie. True, we weren’t about to traverse the off-piste wilds of Mont Blanc, we were feeding the London masses, but it felt good to be part of something.”

“That’s what the street food scene is all about; people, on both sides of the counter, coming together to celebrate food.”

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