Why handwashing facilities INSIDE the class is real benefit for junior school

Mobile sinks for hand washing at Brandwacht Primary School

Children no longer need to go outside to wash their hands

Children at Brandwacht Primary School in Brandwacht, Worcester, couldn’t wait to get to get to grips with their new KiddiSynk mobile sinks.

Mr Gallie, the principal of Brandwacht Primary School in South Africa, is very positive about their new KiddiSynk portable sinks. He said

“They are a great hit with the learners. They allow the children to stay in their classrooms to wash their hands, as opposed to running out to use the outside facilities.

“They love using the brightly coloured Kiddisink with its clean water and it was encouraging learners to wash their hands during the day, before mealtimes and after using the toilet.

“There is also minimal disruption of classroom time.”

About the KiddiSynk 

Robust and easy to clean, the KIddiSynk warm water hand wash unit for preschool and nursery has been especially designed with smaller hands in mind – and it’s so easy to use! Photograph shows soap dispenser which is supplied as an optional extra for the mobile sink.

Wheel it to where you fill it… Wheel it where you need it… Then wheel it to where you empty it!

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