Farm visits – gels and wipes “not a substitute for washing hands “

Handwashing for children on farm visits

Hand washing with soap and water when visiting the farm

The Public Health Agency (PHA) in Ireland is emphasising the importance of hand washing during family visits to farms, according to a recent report on the Ballymoney and Moyle Times website.

People should not rely on antibacterial gels and hand wipes when being around animals, warned Dr Lourda Geoghegan, Consultant in Health Protection at the PHA.

All animals carry a range of organisms which can cause serious health problems advises Dr Geoghegan, particularly when it comes to younger children. E. coli O157 is cited as being particularly easy to catch from farm animals.

“To reduce the risk of illness, all adults and children should wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water after they have handled animals or touched surfaces at the farm.”

“Antibacterial hand gels and wipes are not a substitute for washing hands with soap and water, as gels and wipes may be unable to remove contamination in the way that running water can.”

Mobile sinks – perfect for soap and water hand washing on farm visits

When children’s hands are visibly dirty – and on farm visits in particular – mobile sinks enable kids to wash their hands every time they finish petting animals.

Robust, easy to clean and fun, they can easily be positioned anywhere that an effective hand wash is required – indoors or outside. The KiddiSynk (illustrated) is perfect for farm visits, children’s pet farms, nurseries, creches, pre-school and outside play areas. 

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