Childrens’ hand hygiene in preschool – useful guides

Mobile sinks for preschool and nursery

Why it’s essential for children to get into hand washing habits

“Raising awareness about hand washing to help reduce the spread of germs is extremely important” says the NHS Wash Your Hands campaign.

A pack has been produced by the NHS with the purpose of helping children to understand the importance of hand washing.

The campaign states that to do this “they need help from their parents, their carers, their teacher or from a member of staff at their nursery. The purpose of the pack is to support those roles and provide practical advice so that children introduce the simple practice of hand washing into everyday life. Encouraging children from an early age to wash their hands will help to ensure that this practice becomes a lifelong habit.”

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Mobile sinks and basins for young children

As the Kiddisynk is free of plumbing – both mains water and drainage – when the weather warms up you can take it outside so the children can wash their hands while they’re playing.

All in all, it’s a toy that teaches a life-saving lesson with great fun.