Vehicle hand washing facilities for refuse collectors

Mobile sinks for recycling workers' hand washing

Portable hand wash basins must be robust for a mobile workforce

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have emphasised just how important good hand facilities are for recycling and waste collection workers – and that hand wash sinks and basins should be robust and easy to clean.

The HSE said “Good personal hygiene is vital for waste and recycling workers so as to prevent infections and other ill health caused by working with waste. The quality and performance of the washing facilities should reflect this need and be of a high standard.”

“Provide adequate education and training to ensure workers understand the importance of hygiene and utilise the facilities that are available.”

Hand wipes “insufficient” for recycling workers

The HSE emphasise the importance of washing with soap and water saying “Antiseptic hand wipes alone may be insufficient for refuse collection workers who may need to deal with skin contact with poisons and aggressive acids/alkalis.”

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Mobile sinks for recycling and waste collection workers

The robust and easy to clean TEALwash 12volt and 24volt hot water hand wash portable sinks are the prefect solutions for van, lorry and truck drivers – for hand washing wherever it’s required!

No switch is needed, with fully automatic control providing battery safety piece of mind. The TEALwash is E-marked to meet European EMC Automotive Directive 95/54/EC.