Hand washing made easy for children by portable sinks

Hands should be washed well with soap and water on farms

Mobile sinks teach hand hygiene “…they make washing hands fun”

Members of staff at a nursery school in the Midlands are of the UK, have made learning hand hygiene skills easy and fun for its children as part of their commitment to encouraging youngsters to wash their hands on a regular basis.

Early Learners Nursery based in Cotteridge have been using a KiddiSynk which is manufactured by TEAL – specialists in developing warm water hand wash portable sinks for the education sector.

Hand washing for younger children – wherever it’s needed!

The KiddiSynk enables children to wash their hands anytime, anywhere as it does not require access to mains water or drainage which enables the nursery to use it both in and outside of the classroom.

The benefits of mobile sinks in nursery schools

Since purchasing the KiddiSynk the children, aged between two and five, have been using it on a day-to-day basis as part of their learning programme.

“The children enjoy using the unit because it makes washing hands fun and this is something that I never thought I would say.”

“The KiddiSynk is fantastic as the children can wash their hands in the same room as they play, or outside if that’s where we are. It also cuts down on staff time as we are in the same room and children are able to use the equipment independently,” says Lynn Trew, manager at Early Learners Nursery.

“This means hand hygiene is now incorporated as part of their play routine, not as an afterthought, and we can now focus on other aspects of a child’s development without worrying about dirty hands.

“The children enjoy using the unit because it makes washing hands fun and this is something that I never thought I would say!” says Lynn.

TEAL developed the Kiddiwash range to help educate children about good hand hygiene and how it can help prevent the spread of infections. Each model is fully portable and when filled with fresh warm water, delivers a wash at the ideal temperature for little hands.

Good hand washing habits at an early age

Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL, says: “We need to train children to develop good habits at an early age because by the time they reach school age the battle to combat bacteria through good hand hygiene techniques will be lost.

“The nursery setting is perfect as young children are eager to learn new skills as they become more independent.”

Kiddiwash have also developed a range of support materials to make learning fun. This includes certificates, colouring templates, guides and even songs.