The Handeman Xtra – making hand washing on the move even better for van drivers

Portable sinks for van driveer hand washing

Delivery and maintenance staff can wash hands effectively wherever they are

Breaking new ground in cost saving and hand hygiene for the commercial vehicle operator. Handeman Xtra mobile sinks for motor vehicles are the perfect solution for those that need a hot water hand wash on the move.

Available in four versions, it simply connects to the vehicle’s electricity supply, ensuring hot water is always to hand. No plumbing is required.

Small yet practical

The Handeman Xtra provides a minimum of fifteen 12 second hand washes per filling – enough for hard day’s work – providing hot water with fingertip tap operation. It has a unique jet spray that reaches every part of the hands and washing under running water means there’s no need to dip hands into dirty suds.

Built to last

Robustly constructed in hi-impact polyethylene and designed to stand up to the rough and tumble of on the road use.

Hot water hand washing benefits from an ideal water temperature of 40°C +/-2ºC.