Why the Kiddiwash was perfect for Global Handwashing Day

Kiddiwash hand washing mobile sinks for children

Teaching good hand washing habits to children

Poor hand hygiene is a global problem. However, Global Handwashing Day is shining a spotlight on the state of handwashing around the world to encourage everyone to use effective hand washing procedures – which is why TEAL have been active supporters for several years.

Good hand hygiene, achieved through hand washing with soap and warm running water, is considered to be the single most important practice in reducing transmission of infection as hands can harbour over 150 species of bacteria.

Global Handwashing Day – annually celebrated around the world on 15 October – aims to raise awareness of the benefits of handwashing with soap and inform good hand hygiene practices.

Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL Patents, a world leading, UK manufacturer of portable hand washing units, says:

“Infections take a heavy toll on schools and nurseries across the world. It’s well-known worldwide that the gold standard in infection control is washing hands under running water with soap. Yet, many countries still use alcohol rubs and gels.

“Alcohol-based hand gels and rubs only provide a protective layer they do not remove germs. Hand washing with soap is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent the spread of infections which annually take the lives of millions in developing countries.” 

In support of teachers and pupils alike, TEAL Patents has created the Kiddiwash range, hand washing facilities designed exclusively for smaller hands. Portable and lightweight, the units can be located wherever and whenever a warm-water hand wash is needed.

Perfect for teaching hand washing skills

The Kiddiwash Xtra (pictured above) is the ideal teacher’s accessory for indoor or outdoor use. The unit is lightweight and portable providing young pupils with the gold standard of hand hygiene wherever it might be needed. Providing a minimum of 15 handwashes per filling, the Kiddiwash Xtra makes hand hygiene fun and educational.

Portable sinks for preschool children

Handwash training for children is easy with a TEAL unit. Kids just love the warm gentle wash with these portable sinks – even when they’re on the go. And TEAL mobile sinks can ensure that children can have access to a warm water hand wash – even where they are enjoying outside play!

The TEAL KiddiWash Xtra and KiddiSynk mobile sinks are designed especially for smaller hands. Perfect for nurseries, creches, pre-school, outside play areas and children’s pet farms, TEAL warm water hand wash units are robust, easy to use and easy to clean.