Truck drivers are now washing theirs hands IN the cab

Mobile sinks for truck drivers

Mobile sinks are the perfect solution for truckies everywhere

Advice for truckies from Big Rigs in Australia demonstrates how many lives are being saved every year as a result of washing with soap and water.

Big Rigs is a free national transport newspaper for trucks and truckies and is based in Australia. In a recent article “You’ve got to hand it to soap!”, they draw attention to the success of the “CleanYourHands” campaign, which was launched in England and Wales in 2004 – which emphasised in no uncertain terms the importance of hand washing with soap and water.

“Researchers from University College London Medical School and the Health Protection Agency say the strong and independent associations between the rise in soap orders and the fall in infection rates remained after taking account of all other interventions. Sheldon Paul Stone, senior lecturer at UCL Medical School, who led the study, said: ‘Without a doubt, lives were saved by the campaign.’

“If hand hygiene were a new drug, pharmaceutical companies would be out selling it for all they were worth.” But Dr Stone warned the gains could be lost after the CleanYourHands campaign ended in 2010.

“Asked why it had taken more than 150 years to get the message through to doctors and nurses, who already had the professional knowledge about the risks of hand contamination and transmission of bacteria, he said: ‘As Fawlty Towers once said, it’s stating the bleeding obvious. But sometimes the obvious needs stating. The problem is, it doesn’t sound very sexy compared with hi-tech medical innovations.'”

Mobile sinks for truck drivers – hand washing on the move!

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