Change the way you wash your hands!

Hot water hand washing for mobile caterers

Effective hand washing is the key

People don’t wash their hands nearly as well as they think they do – and are therefore not protecting themselves from potentially dangerous bugs, according to a worrying recent report on the Daily Mail website.

The article by Jennie Agg clearly demonstrates the dangers of inadequate hand washing techniques. Ms Agg experimented with a number of methods – and assessed their effectiveness with the help of a UV light and a gel called Glo Germ. The gel supposedly adheres to the skin in a similar fashion to various strains of bacteria.

Soap and water

Of all the techniques employed, many of which are virtually useless, by far the most effective was highlighted as being a wash of sufficient duration with soap and water.

The article quotes a number of sources including hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley, a visiting professor at the University of Salford.

“A quick rinse is never enough. Everyone needs to wash their hands properly, especially after going to the bathroom.”

Paper towels are also highly recommended for drying according to Dr Ackerley.

“Norovirus can survive well on hard surfaces, such as door handles, so you run the risk of picking up people’s germs. Never dry hands on the kitchen tea towel. Any bacteria you take off your hands could then be transferred to when you wash up. I prefer to use kitchen roll.”

Hand washing at the point of need

Portable units to take with you – wherever an effective hand wash is required!

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