Hand washing with soap and water “to best protect yourself from catching coronavirus”

A portable hand wash unit in a care home office

Effective hand hygiene is vital – however the virus is spread

Coughing, talking, sneezing or even singing (remember that?) are acknowledged to be the most frequent ways of spreading coronavirus. Some studies show that Covid-19 can be spread as a result of touching an infected surface, leading some people to wipe down their groceries when they return to the office or home – though the perception of the potential threat level of the latter does seem to be a little inconsistent, according to a recent article on the BBC website.

There is clearly nonetheless, one activity that provides the best defence against all eventualities – the act of hand washing with soap and water, using the right techniques for a full twenty seconds, at the right times, according to Carys Betteley.

“Either way – to best protect yourself from catching coronavirus from surfaces, regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds.”

Covid-19 is a virus

The BBC report is written in the form of a question and answer session and it raises some interesting points – not least why are we using anti-bacterial gels when the illness is caused by a virus? Antibiotics of course will be of no assistance.

It is pointed out that hand sanitisers will work on Covid-19 if the alcohol concentration is sufficient high.

“Viruses similar to the structure of coronavirus are sensitive to alcohol and detergents, which can help break down their oily, fatty shells.”

Gels nonetheless are the “poor relation” when it comes to effective hand hygiene and coronavirus infection control writes Betteley.

“Hand washing with soap is still the best cleaning practice, according to the NHS.”

In short, it’s clear that, in any place of work or care home situation, having portable hand washing units available where they will provide an effective barrier at the entrance to a (hopefully) Covid-secure area, will be more effective than any other way of keeping it so.

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