The Make Beauty Safe campaign gathers momentum

Beautician with a HandSpa hand wash unit

Beauty industry leaders address concerns in bid to make experiences safer for consumers

A joint initiative between leading beauty industry experts and the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC), which has the stated aim to ‘Make Beauty Safe’ was the focus of a recent article on the Forbes website.

The article by Lela London quotes CEO of the British Beauty Council and supporter of #MakeBeautySafe, Millie Kendall MBE as saying

“In the past year and a half we’ve done a lot of work in terms of raising the reputation of the beauty industry, but what has become apparent is that without appropriate regulation, this reputation is in jeopardy.”

The Make Beauty Safe campaign website quotes the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, which stated  that “the existing legislation available to most local authorities in England and Northern Ireland to regulate this sector is no longer fit for purpose.”

At the forefront of the campaign is an online petition #MakeBeautySafe: Make the unregulated beauty industry safer for consumers.

“The lack of regulation in the beauty industry in the UK is seriously alarming. There is nothing to stop someone with little or no training from establishing themselves as a seemingly professional therapist.”

The importance of effective hand hygiene

The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA), in its guidance on hygiene in beauty and spa therapy, states hands must be washed before and after treating a client, as well as after handling food, using the toilet, and even after handling money. It advises using soap, preferably from a liquid soap dispenser, where the whole assembly is disposed of once the soap has run out. It advocates a 10-20 second wash and taps that can be operated hands-free.

But – what about clients and customers?

Most salons are commendably diligent when it comes to hygiene practises. They have to be in order to stay in business of course.

But very few offer their clients the opportunity to wash THEIR hands immediately on entering the facility. A very good way of keeping the spread of infection under control – and an additional reassurance for them. 

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