Why Infection Preventionists are more important than ever – and will continue to be so

A nurse displays effective hand hygien techniques using a portable wash station

2020 was the year that infection control techniques became the biggest global issue

The evolving nature of the current pandemic has changed a great deal for everyone, not least amongst healthcare personnel.

More than any other group, Infection prevention and control (IPC) teams have been “thrust to the forefront”, guiding others through the myriad of infection control related PPE, hand washing and medical equipment issues – at the same time as trying to keep themselves abreast of the ever-changing nature and understanding of the beast that is COVID-19.

The pandemic “demonstrated huge gaps in preparedness worldwide” according to a recent article on the Infection Control Today website. The “key takeaway” is indeed the need to be ready, to be prepared to deal not only with coronavirus but other potential pandemics – “because there will be another”, argues the report’s author, Infection Preventionist Sharon Ward-Fore, MS, MT(ASCP), CIC.

“The pandemic mitigation tactics for the public of frequently washing hands, wearing face masks, and physically distancing and avoiding gatherings, especially indoors, remain important measures to enforce.”

The importance of effective and accurate communication

A new type of challenge has emerged for IPC staff argues the article – the need not only to communicate effectively about best practice and new information, but to be able to deal with social media fuelled misinformation that seems to infest the likes of Facebook and Twitter, it is argued.

Healthcare personnel needed to be turned away from such originators and towards “sources of truth” she writes, with examples given being

“Best advice” advises Ward-Fore, is to “plan for the worst, hope for the best. The devil is in the details.”

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