Hand washing essential because of “stomach-churning bacteria lurking on beauty tools”

A beautician washing hands with a unit that needs no plumbing

The dangers if you don’t clean make-up brushes and blending sponges regularly

Keeping brushes clean should be “an essential part of your beauty routine” according to microbiologist Amy-May Pointer, who warned of the dangers of avoiding proper – and regular – beauty hygiene measures in a recent article on the Daily Mail website.

The article revolved around a petri dish experiment carried out by PrettyLittleThing which compared beauty tools that have been cleaned regularly, versus those that have not, wrote Monica Greep.

The dirty ones can cause fungal acne and skin infections, Amy-May is quoted as saying – and she gave a stark warning that a combination of damp conditions and unclean brushes and sponges could in turn lead to the growth of E. coli as well as Staphylococcus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) raises awareness of E.coli – and the problems that it can cause. And to minimise cross-infection, they recommend hand washing with soap and running water. Gels with at least 60% alcohol can be used at a pinch, but they aren’t as effective they state.

“These alcohol-based products can quickly reduce the number of germs on hands in some situations, but they are not a substitute for washing with soap and running water.”

Wash your brushes – then wash your hands!

Good hand hygiene is essential for any beautician – as evidenced in the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) publication Introduction to Hygiene in Beauty and Spa Therapy.

Of course, having washed a dirty beauty blender, you must wash your hands properly. Both activities should be undertaken under running water.

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