Bugs spreading in the UK as a result of poor hand washing habits

The importance of effective hand washing

People not only don’t wash – they don’t wash properly

61% of adults in Britain not wash their hands properly before eating – and many don’t wash in an effective way, according to a recent report by Stephen Matthews on the Daily Mail website.

The article has identified a number of areas of concern.

  • Too few people don’t wash hands after going to the lavatory or before eating
  • Too few people don’t dry their hands properly after washing
  • Of those that do wash their hands, a very high proportion don’t wash them effectively.

Why effective hand washing is important

Mr Matthews highlights that final point, writing “it appears most of us haven’t actually been washing our hands the correct way all this time.”

“While it is recommended we scrub out hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, two-thirds of us fall short of this, scrubbing for just 15 seconds or less.”

Om Prasad Gautam, from WaterAid, is quoted as saying:

“Washing your hands at key points in your day, such as after going to the toilet and before eating food, can halve your risk of getting diarrhoea.”

Hand washing with soap and water called for

WaterAid, it is reported, has called for hospitals and school all over the world to provide hand washing facilities with soap and water.

WaterAid is an international organisation whose mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

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