Food safety violations now “mapped” say FSA

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Food safety-related violations on searchable database

A searchable database of food hygiene related offences provides information on businesses successfully prosecuted for any hygiene standards offence, reports the Food Safety News website.

This is, says the article, a demonstration of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) response to the argument that food safety inspections are just a snapshot, by mapping all food safety-related violations in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Rod Ainsworth, FSA’s director of regulatory and legal strategy is quoted as saying

“We want businesses to understand how important it is not to flout the rules which are there to protect public health. If they do, then both we and local authorities will take action against them.

“Like our Food Hygiene Rating scheme, we want the prosecutions database to empower consumers and businesses alike to vote with their feet and avoid those that are not following rules.”

The available information goes back to April 1st 2015, since when there have been a reported 419 successful prosecutions.

Lack of hand washing facilities

A common food law breech is reported as being “a lack of hand-washing facilities and food safety training”.

Mr Ainsworth, says the article, will enable local authorities to successfully collaborate and share information which will help to develop a better understanding of how and why food safety issues arise.

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