Soap and water sees off antibacterial soap – permanently!

Washing hands with soap and water and portable sinks

Antibacterial hand wash will “disappear from shelves within a year”

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that antibacterial hand wash soaps must be removed from sale within a year, according to a recent article on the Pace Chronicle website.

Jenna Febbo writes that “Antibacterial soaps will be removed from store shelves because they offer no benefits over regular soap.”

Ms Febbo indicates that the case for antibacterial soaps has never been proven – and worse they may actually put the user at a “disadvantage”.

“According to the FDA, washing your hands with regular soap and water is your safest bet.”

The FDA’s ban will not apply to hand sanitisers, hand wipes and antibacterial soaps that are used in healthcare settings, but will include consumer antibacterial soaps that are used with water.

Causing bacterial resistance

A number of ingredients are being banned – a total of 19 – including triclosan and triclocarbon. The article indicates that the FDA “…says these ingredients could create bacterial resistance and also affect hormonal levels.”

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