Start hand washing habits before children start school says MD

Preschool hand washing for children

Nurseries – put a portable basin where plumbing won’t reach

TEAL Patents MD Manty Stanley is keen to stress the importance of getting young children to adopt effective hand washing techniques as early as possible.

“We believe children need to be in the hand-washing habit before they start primary school” said Manty.

It is important that all children learn how to wash their hands effectively, using soap and warm water and disposable paper hand towels. They need to be taught to thouroughly wash their hands:

  1. Before meals
  2. After using the toilet
  3. After dirty play, in doors or outdoors.

Equally importantly, children should all have access to suitable warm water hand washing facilities, whether they’re learning about food hygiene, or playing out of doors.

Appropriate facilities for little fingers

“A Kiddiwash Xtra engages children with its bright colours and ‘flippy’, fun tap which is at an easy-to-reach height for little hands” Manty said.

“Nurseries use it to teach hand-washing in a fun lesson which can be taken either inside or outdoors. It’s robust, light and easy to clean as well as move around.

“Similarly the KiddiSynk is super-easy to use and holds up to eight litres of fresh warm water – enough for 40-ten second washes. Both models feature a waste-safe to contain dirty water.”

Portable sinks for preschool children

Handwash training for children is easy with a TEAL unit. Kids just love the warm gentle wash with these portable sinks – even when they’re on the go. And TEAL mobile sinks can ensure that children can have access to a warm water hand wash – even where they are enjoying outside play!

The TEAL KiddiWash Xtra and KiddiSynk mobile sinks are designed especially for smaller hands – and they make hand washing educational and fun.

Perfect for nurseries, creches, pre-school, outside play areas and children’s pet farms, TEAL warm water hand wash units are robust, easy to use and easy to clean.