How the FHRS can help street food businesses succeed

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Food Hygiene Rating Scheme certificate should be a high priority

There are an incredible number of small business who have made their moves towards setting up independent start-ups and street food outlets. So how, apart from the quality of the food and service on offer, do they stand out from a very large crowd?

The answer may well be found in a recent report on the Startups website, Why the FHRS could be the key to success for your food start-up.

The article by Megan Dunsby states some eye-opening statistics.

“In 2014 the food and hospitality industry was valued at £46.6bn, with the sector expected to grow by 2.2% between 2014 to 2019, taking its net worth to over £56bn. Coupled with changing consumer trends in favour of more varied food choices, it’s easy to see why a growing number of start-ups are choosing to take the plunge and launch their own food business.”

Street food businesses and food hygiene

In such an increasingly crowded high street, displaying a positive Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) safety and hygiene rating could be crucial advises the article, quoting food safety experts Shieldyourself.

“Consumer awareness is increasing all the time, and many are now actively avoiding eateries which do not display their FHRS rating.”

The benefits of a positive FHRS rating are clear advises Ms Dunsby:-

  1. “increased turnover
  2. “improved consumer confidence
  3. “healthier business growth.”

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