UNICEF – save huge numbers of children’s lives with effective hand washing

Hand washing teaching is vital for children

Why teaching hand washing is so important

1.4 million children a year die from “largely preventable diseases” such as pneumonia and diarrhoea, a figure which could be significantly reduced with a very simple solution – effective hand washing, according to a recent report on the UN News Centre website.

The article quotes Sanjay Wijesekera, UNICEF’s global head of water, sanitation and hygiene. In a recent article on the UNICEF website when referring to the 800 children a day who die as a result of diarrhoeal infections linked to poor access to safe drinking water and sanitation, he said

“These are staggering numbers, but they could be greatly reduced by working with children and families to adopt a very straightforward solution – handwashing.”

Keeping children in school

The article also flags up another significant benefit for children who avoid infection by regular hand washing – it keeps them in school.

Mr. Wijesekera emphasised the significant role that high quality hand washing has to play for children around the world, referring to the activity as “a frontline preventive measure.”

The UN News Centre summed up the significant difference that hand washing compliance can make for children around the world.

“Handwashing with soap before meals and after toilet use has been shown to reduce diarrhoeal infections by 40 per cent, said UNICEF.”

Proper handwashing may save the lives of 800 children a day worldwide – UNICEF

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