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Poor service preferable to bad hand hygiene says report

75 percent of consumers surveyed would not visit a restaurant that had been implicated in poor hygiene related incidents, according to a recent report on the Facilities Management Journal (FMJ) website.

The article, by  Sarah O’Berne is based around a report produced by called ‘The Financial Impact of Poor Food Safety’.

Of the 75 percent who would not visit a restaurant with prove hygiene violations, “43 per cent said they’d never dine there, no matter what and 32 per cent would only return if the premises had closed down and re-opened under new ownership. Twenty-two per cent said they would only return if the food hygiene rating improved dramatically.”

Financial implications for restaurants

There are obvious implications for any establishment that falls foul of a hygiene inspection says the article, apart from fines – or even closure. They are highlighted by Jan-Hein Hemke, managing director of contract cleaning specialists, Facilicom UK, who is quoted as saying

“If the potential threat to public health isn’t enough, perhaps the financial implications of the fact that ‘75 per cent of diners refuse to visit restaurants that have experienced food hygiene issues’ will hit home for those establishments that aren’t taking cleaning seriously already.”

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