Why hands are the key to halting norovirus spread

Mobile hand wash units for medical situations

Thorough hand washing is so important

“The tools for reducing the spread of norovirus are in your hands” according to a recent report on the Nursing In Practice website.

Norovirus infections can occur at any time through the year, but become more frequent as the colder months set in, according to Nursing In Practice

“Outbreaks of norovirus in the acute hospital setting may result in wards being closed to admissions, reduced bed availability and increases in staff sick leave, resulting in greater pressures on healthcare staff.”

Hand washing with soap and water

The article advises that

“Norovirus is easily spread through contact with those already infected or through contact with contaminated equipment and surfaces.”

“Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water can help prevent the spread of norovirus.”

High quality hand washing with soap and water – perfect for patients and visitors!

Portable hot water hand washing for healthcare situations – the TEAL Stop n’Wash is entirely self contained and needs no mains water service or drainage connections.

The synchronised display takes you through the automatic TEAL Stop n’Wash programme and 7 rubbing actions as laid down on the National Health Service Guidelines:- “Hand-washing technique with soap and water”.

Teal Task Force mobile hand washing

Hot water hand wash hire for UK medical emergencies

Introducing the TEAL Task Force

TEAL Task Force staff provide a rapid deployment and installation service for the class-leading Teal Stop n’Wash portable hand washing station to medical facilities. Setup and training is provided for on-site staff as part of the service.