Office workers have “filthy hand washing habits”

Portable sinks for hand washing in the workplace

100,000 workers washing patterns studied

New research indicates that a mere 38 per cent of men and 60 percent of women bothered to wash their hand after using the toilet, writes Lucy Tobin on the London Evening Standard website.

The instigators of the research were Rentokil Initial. They put sensors on toilet doors and on soap dispensers in order to monitor their usage.

“The firm found publicly-shaming non-washers helped drive up hand washing rates dramatically” wrote Ms Tobin.

“Compliance rose to 90 per cent within two days of the data being displayed, before stabilising to between about 82 per cent.”

Mobile sinks enable an effective hand wash in the workplace – wherever it’s required

The TEAL range of mobile sinks and portable hand wash stations enable an employer to provide an effective hand wash for all members of staff – wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.

All Teal hand wash units are portable, robust, easy to clean and easy to use. The range includes mains, motor vehicle, and generator powered models, as well as several that work with pre-heated water.