UNICEF – hand washing essential to cut child death rates

KiddiSynk mobile sinks for childrens hand washing

Global Hand Washing Day focuses attention

More than 800 children die every day as a result of poor hygiene or limited access to water, according to a recent report on the Reuters website.

Many people in a wide variety of countries fail to wash their hands effectively with soap – which as the article points out is “one of the cheapest and most effective health interventions.”

UNICEF concerns

This in turn could be a major disabler for global development, which is a great concern for the United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF).

UNICEF’s head of water, sanitation and hygiene programmes, Sanjay Wijesekera issued a statement timed to coincide with Global Handwashing Day according to the article.

“Along with drinking water and access to toilets, hygiene – particularly hand washing with soap – is an essential …(part) of (achieving) the (development) goal on water and sanitation.”

“… hand washing is crucial for a child’s health.”

Mobile sinks and basins for younger children – wherever they are

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