Local authorities can provide mobile sinks for all van drivers

Mobile sinks for vans and trucks

Effective hand washing for a mobile workforce

Local authorities are becoming increasing aware of the need for provision of appropriate hand washing facilities for van and delivery drivers. Mobile sinks inside the vehicle can ensure a hot water hand wash whenever it’s required.

Mobile sinks can be connected to the vehicle’s electricity supply, ensuring that hot water is always to hand.

Mobile sinks for vans drivers

TEAL’s most portable sink range is the Handeman, a version of which is produced specifically for van and truck drivers.

It is available in four versions  the 12v, 12v low wattage, 24v and 12v SRCS.

The Handeman® is robust enough to fit inside or outside the vehicle. Supplied with a complete fitting kit and full instructions together with the correct fuse and fuse holder. A 4mm (35amp) cable needed to connect directly to the battery terminals.