Children’s farm visits – why hand gels and wipes aren’t suitable

Portable sinks for farm hand washing

Children MUST use soap and water on farm visits say Public Health England

There are many potential infections that can be picked up at farm attractions according to Dr Ken Lamden of the Cumbria and Lancashire Centre of Public Health England – and parents need to be aware of the importance of soap and water hand washing. Hand gels are not suitable.

Doug Powell on Barfblog reports that Public Health England have received reports of an average of 80 cases per annum  cryptosporidium infection over the last 20 years linked to visits to petting farms.

Dr. Lamden is quoted as saying

“Visiting a farm is a very enjoyable experience for both children and adults alike but it’s important to remember that contact with farm animals carries a risk of infection because of the micro-organisms – or germs – they carry.

“Anyone visiting a petting farm should be aware of the need to wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water after they have handled animals or been in their surroundings. Children are more at risk of serious illness and should be closely supervised to make sure that they wash their hands thoroughly.

 “It is also very important not to rely on hand gels and wipes for protection because these are not suitable against the sort of germs found on farms.”

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Mobile sinks – perfect for soap and water hand washing on farm visits

When children’s hands are visibly dirty – and on farm visits in particular – mobile sinks enable kids to wash their hands every time they finish petting animals.

Robust, easy to clean and fun, they can easily be positioned anywhere that an effective hand wash is required – indoors or outside. The KiddiSynk (illustrated) is perfect for farm visits, children’s pet farms, nurseries, creches, pre-school and outside play areas. 

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