Hand washing is “A powerful antidote to illness” for children

Mobile sinks for childrens hand washing

Effective disease prevention advice for children – everywhere!

“How many times have you and your child washed your hands today?” asks the Healthy Children website. They stress how important it is to make hand washing a habit.

“Proper” hand washing is very important. For some a quick splash of water will suffice and maybe a touch of soap. But, says Healthy Children, this type of approach will not even begin to get hands clean.

Steps to proper hand washing

They suggest the approach recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which involve the following steps:-

  • “Wet your child’s hands.  
  • Apply clean bar soap or liquid soap to the hands, and then place the bar on a rack where it can drain before the next hand washing.  
  • Rub the hands vigorously together. Scrub every surface completely.  
  • Keep rubbing and scrubbing for 10 to 15 seconds to effectively remove the germs.  
  • Rinse the hands completely, then dry them.”

KiddiWash mobile sinks help introduce children to proper hand washing

It is vital to get all children into the habit of proper hand washing from the earliest possible age.

Portable sinks and basins from TEAL are ideal for preschool and nurseries! Designed specifically for the smallest hands, KiddiWash mobile sinks are the ideal solution anywhere an effective warm water hand wash is required. The lightweight Flippi-tap is perfect for little fingers, enabling children to activate a steady spray of warm water that’s the prefect temperature for hand washing every time – both indoors and out!

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