Hand washing world record for Glasgow children

Portable hand washing for school children

21 schools learn the importance of hand hygiene

An important lesson for children across Glasgow also enabled the setting of a new world record, according to a recent report on the Belfast Telegraph website.

It was confirmed that 3,089 children from a total of of 36 primary schools took part in the potentially life saving lesson last year – and that the activity has just been ratified by the Guinness Book of Records.

The activity leaders were 160 student nurses from Glasgow Caledonian University, who provide the lesson at Glasgow Science Centre. The activities were screened live to pupils around the city.

The article quotes Professor Tracey Howe, deputy chair of Glasgow City of Science, saying “Thanks to this project, thousands of school children have a better understanding of good hand hygiene.”

Jamie Hepburn, the health improvement minister is reported as saying during the presentation of the award,

It is vitally important that all children are made aware of the importance and benefits of washing their hands properly and by encouraging them to do so, it will ensure this practice becomes a lifelong habit.

“This world-breaking record has been a fantastic achievement demonstrating again that Scotland leads the way in reducing infections.”

Mobile warm water hand wash units for children

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