Be able to wash hands when taking kids to the park

Hand washing for kids at the park

Birmingham City Council advise “soap and water” for hand washing

Hand washing is vitally important for everyone when visiting parkland and areas where animals roam freely – especially before eating and drinking. Hand washing techniques and habits are amongst the most important lessons that can be taught to any young children.

TEAL, which specialise in the manufacture of portable handwash sinks and basins for preschool and nursery, have developed the KiddiWash range to encourage pre-school and school children into adopting important hand hygiene habits.

Hand washing guidance from Birmingham City Council

The Birmingham City Council website, highlights Sutton Park – a national nature reserve and scheduled ancient monument. The council offer clear hand washing guidance for all visitors, stating:-

“This park is a natural area where animals roam freely. Please wash your hands with soap and water before eating or drinking. Stay safe, wash your hands and enjoy your day out at Sutton Park.”


Pop a mobile sink into the boot of a car or minibus!

Mobile sinks enable hand washing anytime, anywhere!

TEAL portable sinks enable children to wash their hands anytime, anywhere, as they do not require access to mains water or drainage. They can just be popped into the boot of a car enabling everyone to enjoy an effective warm water hand wash with clean water before eating or leaving the park.

About the KiddiWash

Ideal for preschool and nurseries! Designed specifically for the smallest hands, the KiddiWash is the ideal solution anywhere an effective warm water hand wash is required.

The lightweight Flippi-tap is perfect for little fingers, enabling children to activate a steady spray of warm water that’s the prefect temperature for hand washing every time – both indoors and out!

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