How soap and water washing can help reduce the impact of norovirus

Mobile soap and water hand wash units help in the fight against norovirus

Reducing the demands on health facilities is crucial at this time of year

Norovirus – sometimes referred to as the “winter vomiting bug” is a highly contagious, very unpleasant illness which is usually accompanied by a high temperature and violent bouts of sickness and diarrhoea. The good news is that it usually goes away in a couple of days.

The bad news is that its affect on ill and infirm people can be particularly devastating – and the implications for medical facilities, bearing in mind the ease of transmission, can result in a considerable loss of potential care as wards have to be temporarily closed, according to a recent report on the Torbay Today website.

The Chief Medical Officer at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust asked people not to visit hospitals if they have vomiting and diarrhoea. Dr Kate Lissett revealed the devastating potential for severe disruption that could occur.

“In our hospitals, norovirus can have a big impact on the recovery of people in our care, who are often already very poorly.”

The illness generally peaks in the winter months when people congregate indoors for longer than is likely at other times of the year says the article. And it is very easily spread by those who have symptoms – leaving others to contract it from touching contaminated people and / or surfaces and by eating food that has been prepared or transported by an infected person.

Minimising its spread – with soap and water

There is no “cure” as such: rest and drinking water to avoid dehydration are all that can realistically be done. But there is one way to help minimise the spread of the illness – and perhaps surprisingly to some, hand sanitisers play no effective part in the process. It’s actually something far more familiar. Hand washing.

“Washing your hands regularly is the best way to stop norovirus spreading. Its important to remember that alcohol hand gels don’t kill norovirus.”

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Mobile soap and water hand wash units help in the fight against norovirus

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