Food trucks should be as hygienic as a full-scale restaurant says expert

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Hygiene expert point out that standards should be high for all mobile caterers

The street food and food festival season will soon be in full swing as the weather improves and we move into spring. It’s a time when many street food suppliers will be readying themselves for the opportunities afforded by events, from farmers markets to specialist food festivals.

It’s also a time for them to consider perhaps the most important problem that they will need to address – being able to maintain a high level of hygiene in a potentially cramped space in a location that will present its own challenges.

Some very sound advice on this matter can be found in the form of an article on the Huffington Post UK website.

The article by Taylor Tobin begins with an interview with the CEO of STOP Foodborne Illness, an organisation that has reportedly “been at the forefront of numerous historical achievements that make food safer for everyone.” Mitzi Baum stated that “As there is very limited staff on a food truck, the workers must be able to execute many different tasks in a small space and an intense, short span of time”.

Effective hand washing is so important for mobile caterers

Tobin also quotes Melanie Underwood, described as a ServSafe-certified culinary instructor.

“Sometimes, it is hard to see if [a truck] has a dedicated hand-washing station, but it is ideal, preferably with liquid soap and disposable towels.”

The article also quotes professor of food and hospitality management and nutrition sciences at Drexel University, Jonathan Deutsch who emphasised the importance of customers being able to appreciate that all necessary hygiene steps are being taken at all times. He said all food truck suppliers should “be transparent about food safety”, which will help to dispel “negative assumptions about their food safety practices”.

Make hand washing available to customers

Deutsch is also reported as flagging up the importance of hand cleansing facilities being make available to customers who “don’t have the benefit of a beautifully-appointed restroom…”

All of which suggests that any mobile caterer should seriously consider providing soap and water hand washing facilities for their customers.

When all’s said and done, not matter how diligently the hygiene management process is adhered to by the caterer, if the customers (for example at an agricultural show) eat with contaminated hands, all the good work that’s gone into the preparation of the food will be undone.

And the food truck or street food stall will no doubt get the blame…

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