Nothing works as well as hand washing when it comes to viruses

Nothing works as well as hand washing when it comes to viruses

And this is why it’s so effective…

Washing hands under (ideally) running water, giving them a good old scrub, and carrying the wash out for a full 20 seconds, is undoubtedly the most suitable way of ensuring effective hand hygiene. Not everyone understands exactly why hand washing is so successful however – something that a recent article on the Well and Good website recently sought to address.

It begins, not unnaturally, by championing hand washing. Author Kara Jillian Brown quotes a pulmonary and critical care physician at UCLA Medical Center, Russell Buhr, MD, PhD.

“There’s really no substitute for controlling the spread of viruses to hand washing — nothing we do is going to work as well as that.”

The mechanics of washing are important

There are a number of reasons why soap and water are so effective says Dr. Buhr. The act of vigorous scrubbing, then “rinsing that stuff off is carrying the dead virus away”. Soap itself breaks down viruses by dissolving the lipids and fats – the shell that surrounds them so to speak.

Brown also quotes Johns Hopkins University‘s Karen Fleming, PhD, who describes soap as “an amazing weapon that we all have in our homes”.

Why you should stick to soap and water if you can

Dr. Buhr is a real advocate of a paper towel hand dry and even suggests it to open the washroom door, to avoid recontamination from a previous visitor who may not have been so diligent.

Alcohol hand gels work well to an extent, he says, but “we still encourage people to wash their hands regularly to eliminate the residue of the hand sanitizer and whatever dead pathogens and dirt and grime is just sitting on our hands”.

Washing your hands sounds trivial — here’s the science behind why it works »

Care home visitor washing hands with an Hygienius mobile sinks
A care home visitor washing hands with an Hygienius mobile sinks

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