Construction site hand washing – mobile sinks are invaluable

Mobile sinks on construction sites

Biological hazards require “adequate welfare and washing facilities” say HSE

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that “All (construction) sites must have adequate welfare and washing facilities, regardless of whether biological hazards are present. This is a requirement of the law.

They emphasise that “The washing facilities must include an adequately sized sink i.e. large enough to wash the hands, face and forearms. Hot and cold (or warm) preferably running water, soap (or other cleaning products) and towels (or other means of drying) must also be provided.”

Biological hazards that could lead to disease on construction sites

The HSE draw attention to particular hazards that may be present on building or construction sites, including

  • Bird droppings
  • Discarded needles
  • Rat infestation
  • Contamination with sewage or animal faeces
  • Non- drained water systems with stagnant water

Mobile sinks for construction sites

The BigSynk is a mains powered portable free standing hot and cold water arm hand and face washing unit – designed to meet mandatory Building Services requirements.

The rugged and dependable BigSynk portable sink is a completely self-contained unit, needing no plumbing or drainage connections. It’s equal to any hand and arm wash requirements, being capable of delivering up to 125 ten second hot washes. The BigSynk has two 25 litre water containers, both clearly marked – one for fresh water and one for waste.

The BigSynk is easy to move or relocate; its fold-away stand being lightweight yet rugged and easily carried straight to where hand washing is needed.