Street food vendors remain compliant with portable sinks

Handeman portable hot water hand wash units

Warm running water is essential for catering hygiene

“Sandwich and street food outlets face being shut down if they have no running hot water hand washing facilities and therefore cannot comply with regulations: portable sinks are the key,” says Mike Stanley of TEAL.

“Too many are relying on alcohol gels which remove neither the deadly norovirus nor C.difficile let alone the common cold virus.

“The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health guidelines state that ‘at food outlets where high risk foods (meats) are handled, alcohol-based hand gels must only be used as a supplement to a fully-equipped wash hand basin,” said Mike.

“Inspectors used to be lenient with caterers if they saw valid logistical or economic reasons for no basin being plumbed in. But our units remove any excuses because they give you running hot water from self-contained, pre-filled tanks which need only mains or vehicle electricity. The Handeman unit simply needs filling with hot water for you to comply with the regulations.”

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