Jamaica: effective hand washing with portable sinks that save water

Teal WashStand and Handeman Xtra portable sinks being used by street food trader in Jamaica

With COVID-19, hand hygiene is more important than ever in the West Indies

Portable hand wash units are being deployed in Jamaica in ever greater numbers as hand washing has become the single most important health related activity in the light of the recent worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Street food traders are increasingly using portable sinks and basins for themselves and their customers, in an effort to maintain good levels of hand hygiene across the island.

The photograph shown above, for example, shows a Jamaican food supplier who has set up a WashStand for her customers to use before they eat: she uses her Handeman Xtra before handling food.

Both these Teal portable hand wash stations can be used anywhere indoors or out and do not require any electricity or mains water supply.

Portable hand wash units in Jamaica are being used by the Jamaica Urban Transit Company

Teal portable hand wash units are also being rolled out for use by the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC).

Why saving water is crucial during the pandemic

Meanwhile, the PAHO/WHO Office of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Countries has produced a public service announcement to encourage people to save water while washing their hands.

Teal portable sinks help to delivery a really effective hand wash, while using remarkably little water.

Efficient water use is a focus for Teal »

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