Call for to beauty salons to be more rigorous with infection control

A Teal HandSpa hand wash unit installed in a north London beauty salon

The days of salons offering just manicures, waxing and pedicures are long gone says report

With the provision of more “high-tech, professional services” – including fillers, hydrafacials and even tattooing, comes an increased responsibility – namely that of keeping customers safe from the infection risks presented by such treatments.

Health inspectors across the UK are becoming increasingly concerned about a lack of health training and appropriate regulation, resulting in a call for tighter regulations, according to a recent report on the Glamour Magazine website.

Annabelle Spranklen wrote that current licensing laws are creating a problem in that they are too “vague” to enable inspectors to enforce appropriate health and safety regulations, or call to account those that do not adhere to them.

‘Now, health inspectors are wanting beauty salons to face stricter regulations after finding that many of them have “little understanding of infection control.”

At the forefront of the call for more effective regulation, says the article, is the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Institute of Licensing (CIEH), which has

“…called for new rules to be drawn up to match the offerings in modern salons after investigations found that the current legislation is not fit for purpose.”

Additionally, the CIEH has called for businesses restarting after the lockdown to focus on “…increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning”.

Health inspectors are calling for stricter regulations after salons found reusing needles and treating under-18s »

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